Brian Kall is a designer living in Toronto, Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Ottawa and is a 2017 graduate of the York/Sheridan Program in Design.

Most recently, he worked with The Bokeh Collective and Buck Productions as a motion designer, packaging editor and assistant post-production supervisor. He is currently seeking new opportunities.

A selection of motion design work, including both student and professional projects.

YSDN2017 was the graduation showcase for the York/Sheridan Program in Design’s class of 2017.It consisted of pop-up exhibitions throughout the Greater Toronto Area, a website of student case studies, a publication of student work and showcase process, and a celebratory book launch.

Nihilism and graphic design, 1/3.This series of books is a starting point for an exploration into Nihilism.By drawing attention to things that typically escape our notice, the books attempt to prompt the reader to consider the significance of their own life.

Nihilism and graphic design, 2/3.These opening credits embody the nihilistic themes present in this popular TV show.The banality of mundane suburban objects is used to inspire dread.

Nihilism and graphic design, 3/3.This essay by Albert Camus offers a way to find meaning in life in light of the Nihilistic perspective.


This mobile application lets campers easily find and book a campsite.A promotional video shows the benefits of an escape to nature.


Ralf Kall worked all over the world as a geologist for a major engineering company.This book is a collection of excerpts from his memoirs that spans nearly 40 years and follows him across four continents.

A collection of critical writing about mainstream movies, one of society's most significant sources of culture.Articles cover topics such as James Bond and feminism, Star Wars and originality, and Rocky and race.This magazine calls for creators and viewers to consider the perspectives that films present.


This collection of books is a physical representation of the opposing philosophical standpoints of Creationism and Darwinism.Text from the Bible’s The Book of Genesis and Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species interact with each other.